Vision, Values, and Approach

This is why we exist.


Our vision is an America in which all people have equitable opportunities and neighborhood conditions to achieve their best possible health. We believe in our core that ALL roads lead to health. That means that no matter what we do in the world, it has an impact on our own health and the health of people around us.


Your health is not an accident; it is a production of society. We see the ways that our passion—health—connects to everyone around us. We want to make the world a better place, so that’s why we work with individuals and organizations nationally to create seismic shifts and positive change so that everyone has a chance to thrive.


Our capacity-building approach is rooted in the belief that perspective transformation is necessary to change systems so that all people can achieve their full potential. Perspective transformation is about seeing and understanding the world in a new way and acting upon that new knowledge as a result. Systems change results in improved opportunities for all people to achieve their best possible health.