Tiffany R. Boykins

Senior Manager, Operations Strategy

Tiffany manages the development and implementation of business operations and financial management systems for CommonHealth ACTION. An integral part of the Operations team, Tiffany turns inscrutable mazes into easy-to-follow processes for staff, partners and clients.

I take action for equity because my son and the rest of our children growing up in this society needs me too.

Tiffany thrives on everyday tasks and emergent last-second demands, transforming difficult problems into solvable puzzles, piece-by-piece and person-to-person. 

Tiffany brings over 15 years of experience in businesses and nonprofits to her work at CommonHealth ACTION, where her duties include client and contract management, budgets and financing, vendor negotiations, board management, on-boarding new hires, and executive leadership development support. Working across multiple programs, she manages a wide range of projects while conducting qualitative and quantitative research to maintain organizational effectiveness. She also serves as CHA’s primary liaison with local government agencies.

Prior to joining CommonHealth ACTION, her career included marketing for the American Red Cross, and roles in business, communications, meeting/event planning, and administration. With a passion for helping people and making a difference, Tiffany also served as a Committee Chair on the Board for the Red Cross Young Professionals, where she raised over $100,000 in donations through a partnership with local news and radio stations.

Tiffany earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Norfolk State University and is based in the CommonHealth ACTION’s Washington, DC office.