Mark D. Cervero

Senior Manager, Learning & Coaching

Mark provides leadership, support, and subject matter expertise across CommonHealth ACTION’s portfolio. An expert facilitator with a strong background in quantitative policy analysis, Mark is driven to help organizations and communities live out their values and create opportunities for all people to experience optimal health.

I take action for equity because my work with people and groups across the country has shown me how our struggles are similar, and how we can lean on each other to create a more just future for all.

A compassionate and curious relationship-builder, Mark loves communicating complex and challenging information about social identity, power, privilege, and oppression in a way that is open, connective, and creates opportunities for change.

A key team member in delivering technical assistance to community-based organizations, local governments, and other groups, Mark helped build and run the Culture of Health Leaders program, and contributes to CommonHealth ACTION’s communications strategy and proposal writing. He has created and facilitated unique learning experiences to help communities and organizations apply the health equity lens to all their work, including curriculum for the Texas Department of State Health Services, which will help 18 contractors across 30 counties implement evidence-based interventions in communities with chronic disease risk factors. Mark has also worked closely with county and state health departments as they develop policy priorities and operationalize their health equity strategies.

Mark conducted graduate level research on organ donation guidelines in Alabama state policy, focusing on stark disparities for people of color receiving transplants. He also collaborated on a clinical data and mapping project to identify racial and geographic HIV/AIDS disparities in the city of Birmingham.

Mark earned an MPH in Quantitative Policy Analysis at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.