Margaret Richards

Senior Learning Consultant

Margaret develops and implements learning strategies and educational content across multiple CommonHealth ACTION programs. An expert in both instructional design and monitoring & evaluation, Margaret helps CHA leverage the advantages of online learning to develop effective educational content on a range of topics, from building workplace inclusivity to advancing systems change. 

I take action for equity because what’s the alternative? It’s my responsibility as a person on this planet to make sure I add more than I take away. Achieving equity requires action; if I’m not part of the solution, then I’m part of the problem.

Margaret draws on both analytical and interpersonal expertise to bring integrity and openness to the challenges of power, privilege and complex systems change.

She has run a successful consulting business for over a decade, working internationally on every continent with over two dozen organizations, helping them both teach others and assess their own programs and processes. She has developed effective online and in-person trainings in a wide range of fields, including mental health, poverty relief, and peacebuilding, and has consulted with numerous organizations on research, surveys, and data analysis. 

Early in her career, Margaret worked with several DC- and Maryland-focused organizations on education, immigration and health issues, and has taught English as a Second Language, Mathematics and playwriting at the primary, secondary and collegiate levels internationally in South Korea, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Margaret holds a EDM in international education policy from Harvard, and a BA in mathematical sciences and writing seminars from Johns Hopkins.