Chanel Barnes-Osula
Learning & Coaching Consultant
Tiffany R. Boykins
Senior Manager, Operations Strategy
Natalie S. Burke
President & CEO
Katie W. Byerly
Senior Manager, Organizational Change and Strategy
Sydney N. Carey
Program Consultant
Mark D. Cervero
Senior Manager, Learning & Coaching
Tara S. Hacker
Director, Program Strategy
Carmelita V. Jones
Director, Operations Strategy
Olivia Kenyon
Operations Manager
Jane H. Kim
Senior Art Director
Nehanda A.M. Lindsey
Senior Vice President
Trung Nguyen
Program Manager
Margaret Richards
Senior Learning Consultant
Julia Roche
Evaluation Consultant
Bobbi Russell
HR Consultant
Rachel C. Siegel
Learning Consultant
Kimberley Singletary
Creative Director
Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis
Senior Evaluation Consultant
Janelle Suggs
Director, Leadership Practice & Networks
Shanece L. Veal
Program Associate
Michelle C. Zamperetti
Director, Learning and Transformation