Our Services

Based on our collective experience, we believe that successful individual, organizational, systemic, or social change requires perspective transformation – the idea that once a person knows, think, and believes something different, they will make different decisions, engage in different behaviors, and take different actions. That’s exactly what the world needs. To that end, we tailor learning experiences, group processes, and organizational planning that help our clients and partners map, manage, measure, and master their change.


As a part of our commitment to respectful entry and successful exit, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand our client organizations and their cultures.  To date, we have successfully conducted 300+ stakeholder interviews, 100+ community conversations for residents and stakeholders, and dozens of focus groups with subject matter experts, local partners, organizational leaders, staff teams, and community members.

EDI Training

The CommonHealth ACTION Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training Institute curriculum includes tools and processes that support perspective transformation and ensure practical application of the training experience.  In addition, our seasoned trainers orchestrate constructive discomfort that precedes meaningful change in individuals, teams, and organizations.  We teach participants how to use an equity lens to analyze and design policies, programs, and practices while they also apply the lens to their individual decisions, behaviors, and actions.  In addition to our in-person trainings, we offer a self-directed online curriculum that is appropriate for larger groups or for people who require flexibility in their training schedule.  A customized EDI curriculum with tailored content and geographic context can be developed upon request.

Organizational Strategy & Culture

We help our clients to map, make, manage, measure, and master changes necessary to institutionalize equity, diversity, and inclusion. Through CommonHealth ACTION’s innovative assessments, processes, tools, and facilitation we develop strategic action plans and equity roadmaps to guide our clients through cultural and institutional change that lead to greater equity and impact.

Leadership & Workforce Development

To develop and expand equitable leadership within a company or community, we provide executive coaching and technical assistance for leaders (formal and informal) as they test and apply new knowledge and competencies; problem-solve sticky situations when the most equitable path is not yet clear; and determine the best plan of action when stakes are high.

Convening & Learning Experiences

We know the importance of successful learning experiences and group interactions for every organization. To support our clients’ and partners’ organizational efforts, we plan and implement effective in-person and online meetings and learning opportunities. As we design each engagement, we apply evidence-based and experience-informed practices from the fields of adult education, emergent learning, event management, and communications, while leveraging the latest advancements in learning technology and information design.  Through our in-house subject matter experts, we develop content and implement process designs that apply to almost every sector and discipline.