Our Services

Based on our collective experience, we believe that successful individual, organizational, systemic, or social change requires perspective transformation – the idea that once a person knows, think, and believes something different, they will make different decisions, engage in different behaviors, and take different actions. That’s exactly what the world needs. To that end, we tailor learning experiences, group processes, and organizational planning that help our clients and partners map, manage, measure, and master their change.

Trainings & Assessments

For an immersive experience, participate in an in-person Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training as an individual or bring others from your team, organization, or partnership to immediately apply the learning together.

Strategy & Implementation

Once you’ve learned the equity lens framework, you’ll need to analyze your policies, programs, and practices so that the change goes beyond your personal learning. We help leaders and organizations to map, make, manage, measure and master the change necessary to internalize and institutionalize equity, diversity, and. inclusion in your company, collaborative, or community.

Leadership Development

To develop and refine your ability to lead equitable, diverse, and inclusive organizations, apply for our leadership development institutes. We also provide coaching and technical assistance to support you as you test and apply the lessons with your team, problem-solve a sticky situation when the most equitable path is not yet clear, or determine your best plan of action when stakes are high.