It’s hard to know the right thing to say, but remaining silent is dangerous. Shake Shack always has and always will Stand For Something Good. That means celebrating diversity, championing inclusion, and standing up against injustice.
- Shake Shack
May 30, 2020


  • Shake Shack launched a new personal and professional skill development program, Shift Up, designed to equip its team members in Shacks with the skills they need to advance to the next management level.
  • The company expanded its formal mentorship program to provide the opportunity for more of our team members working in the Shacks to be paired with a mentor. The program tripled in size and the number of Black, Hispanic, and Asian team members being mentored increased by 90% in 2020.
  • In 2020, Shake Shack launched four employee resource groups (ERGs), company-sponsored, employee-led groups, that actively work to support their membership both personally and professionally while fostering a stronger sense of community for all Shake Shack team members. The four groups had a focus of women, Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ identifying team members. The goals and activities of each ERG align with company objectives and strategic diversity initiatives. Since launching, the ERGs have fostered a positive employee experience through education and awareness, networking, mentoring, and professional development activities.

Read more about Shake Shack’s commitments here.

  • Shake Shack rolled out unconscious bias training to over 7,000 team members in June 2020 to help reduce the impact of bias in the workplace and to encourage more inclusive behaviors and attitudes. The training helped team members understand the mental processes underlying bias, how it shows up, and the business and human impacts of not addressing them.
  • The company launched the Stand Together Series to have an open and honest dialogue about the personal experiences of team members from marginalized communities. The company-wide sessions served as an open forum and safe space for sharing personal stories to help heal and deepen the collective understanding of diversity issues in this country while strengthening its community and team.


Equal Justice Initiative

Shake Shack has donated $100,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative to continue its commitments towards criminal justice reform, racial justice, and public education.


Shift Up has made much success within the past year towards Shake Shack’s EDI efforts.





Shake Shack is committed to accelerating the work of their internal diversity & inclusion initiative, All-In, to get more diverse representation in leadership roles. Below are their future projections to having a diverse workforce: