In 50 years, we've collectively failed to close the racial wealth gap. We've failed to close the education achievement gap. We've failed to close the health gap. As a white man, I can, should, and will listen to my Black, Indigenous, and people of color colleagues and neighbors. But listening alone is not enough. Dangerous “race-neutral” policies aren’t the answer. We need to recognize our own privilege and get to work leveling the field.
David Lynn (CEO - Mission Driven Finance)
June 13, 2020


  • Mission Driven Finance launched the Community Finance Fellowship to diversify talent in the industry and get capital into overlooked and underestimated communities where it doesn’t usually flow.

Learn more about Mission Driven Finance’s commitments to fighting systemic racism here. 

  • Mission Driven Finance has increased the number of people of color and women in the workplace. As of July 2020, their workplace demographic includes 61% of people of color and 67% of women.
  • Mission Driven Finance commits to investing in more BIPOC borrowers, advancing inclusive hiring, compensation, and growth, finding retirement plan options that don’t counteract racial justice, using its relatively small discretionary budget to reinforce the company’s values by buying from BIPOC vendors and women, our portfolio companies, B Corporations, and small local businesses.
  • The company commits to interrogating its internal practices including meeting formats, agendas, and facilitation norms so that all voices are comfortable contributing and are heard.
  • Mission Driven Finance commits to challenging its banking partners and investees to identify and eliminate systems that have perpetuated discriminatory or inequitable outcomes.



CEO David Lynn and Lauren Grattan, Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer of Mission Driven Finance, joined Hr Rewired TV to talk about the global protests of 2020 and have subsequent conversations about racism and inequality.

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