Developing an Equity Lens Within and Across Sectors to Improve Population Health

Press Room

To listen to Natalie S. Burke's presentation, click here.

There are several areas of public health where the evidence for improving the underlying factors that shape poor health outcomes of vulnerable populations is robust, but is not effectively communicated and translated to inform the public and decision makers at various levels of government and in the private sector. This workshop explored different strategies for framing the dialogue on equity and inequity among racial and ethnic groups to advance population health equity.

At this workshop, participants:
  • explored frameworks for applying a race/ethnicity and health equity lens to the discourse on population health
  • advanced the field’s understanding of how policies foster or perpetuate ethnic and racialized health inequities
  • explored current best practices in advocating health equity and framing ethnic and racialized health inequities
  • increased the capacity of participants to effectively foster an agenda that integrates the promotion of a racial and ethnic and health equity lens across multiple sectors and health systems.