Moving "The Table" Requires You to Get Out of Your Chair

Press Room

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Throughout history, whether at the Last Supper or when King Arthur assembled his knights, the world has changed around “the table.” It has been a powerful force -- one that we should acknowledge and gather around as we seek to expand and improve.

Many of my memories about being in relationship with people involve the table. My first day of pre-school with five new friends, every Thanksgiving with my family, and even envisioning my organization started with me sitting at the table. As a CEO, I sit in countless meetings in conference rooms discussing who’s not at the table, who to invite to the table, and how to expand the table.

The table anchors and grounds our discussions and decisions. It gives a clearly defined place to be in relationship, solve problems, and create new ways to change the world. At the same time, the table can be a limiting, exclusionary force in a world that desperately needs boundless thinking to engage new audiences and inspire healthy, productive relationships.

Have you ever wondered about the power of the table in your life? I have, and as a result I have changed the way I work, strategize, understand, and view the world. Learn how you or your organization can set the table, move the table, or discover if your table is actually somewhere completely different than where you thought is should be.  There is power at the table.

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