Equity Is In Our DNA

Our equity-focused approach engages the “head” (historical context, data) and the “heart” (fairness, justice) to create a perspective transformation that translates into ACTION.

We Make it Easy to be EquitableTM

We’ll help you Map, Make, Manage, Measure, and Master (The 5 Ms) change that ensures all people have opportunities for their best possible health and lives. It’s that simple.

We View the World Through an Equity Lens

To be equitable, we must consider who experiences the benefit and the burden of any decision, behavior, or action.


We develop people and organizations to produce health through equitable policies, programs, and practices.

Our World View

Your health is not an accident; it is a production of society.

Our vision is an America in which all people have equitable opportunities and neighborhood conditions to achieve their best possible health.

That means that no matter what we do in the world, it has an impact on our health and the health of people around us. ALL roads lead to health.

Our Services

For the better part of 20 years, CommonHealth ACTION has worked with philanthropy, non-profits, businesses, governments, and community-based coalitions across the country to support their growth and development. As we design each engagement, our team applies evidence-based and experience-informed practices from our fields of expertise. Through our services, we support organizations as they seek to achieve their missions, which in turn helps us achieve ours.

In the Loop

CommonHealth ACTION Founder, Natalie Burke

Completing the Bridge to Nowhere: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion alone won’t guarantee that all people have fair opportunities to achieve their full potential – but equity does. Without equity, we’ve made promises we can’t keep, started what we can’t finish, and built a bridge that leaves us dangling between where we were (a place of prejudice and inefficiency) and where we aspire to be (fairness and optimization). Equity, diversity, and inclusion (together) are the best way to make us bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and better at doing what we do.

Transforming Perspectives

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